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To the southeast of the Sulawesi mainland, Buton Island remains part of the Province of SOUTHEAST SULAWESI. Long before the independence of Indonesia and the unification of Buton with the rest of the country, Buton was a kingdom. This existed from the 14th to the 16th centuries. After this, and until Indonesia's independence, it remained a Sultanate.

During the Sultanate period, residents conducted trade and communicated with both China and the Majapahit Kingdom, on the island of Java. Interestingly, the first ruler who governed this region was a queen and the last ruler was a king. It was the last ruler, King Laki Laponto, who became the first Sultan Of Buton.

Buton Island is well known for its asphalt, called Buton or Butas Asphalt, and for its teak and ironwood. There is daily boat service form Kendari, with a stop-over in Raha, the capital city of  the island of Muna.

The most fascinating culture appeal of Buton island can be enjoyed when local people conduct ceremonies, celebrations and folk events which welcome honored guest. One suchunique event is "Pakande-kandea", when foods and cakes are offered to visitors and traditional dances are performed.




NIRWANA BEACH is located 12 km from the village of Baubau, and is the capital of the Buton Regency. It is well-liked for swimming and recreational beach sports, along its white sandy shore and its small adjoining island, only thirty minutes away by sailboat. Fishing is said to be ideal on this small island !.

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Nirwana Beach