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At most hotels a service charge of 10% is added to the bill. In restaurant where aservice charge is not additional, a tip of 5 to 10% would be appropriate depending on the service and types of establishment.

An airport or hotel porter expects Rp. 500 per bag. Tipping taxi drivers Rp. 200 or leaving the charge is appreciated but not mandatory. It is advisable to carry small change as taxi drivers are often short of change.



Dress is normally casual and light clothing is advisable due to the hot, appropriate but a jacket and tie are required for formal occasions long-sleeved batik shirts are acceptable. For travel to mountain areas, alight sweater or jacket is recommended. Halter tops and shorts are frowned upon in most places except around sports facilities or on the beach. Proper decorum should especially be observed when visiting places of worship.



Most hotels use 220 volts 50 cycles and a two pronged plug. However, some hotels in the provinces of Southeast. Sulawesi may still be using 110 volts. It is better to check before using an appliance.



People of Southeast Sulawesi are very polite people. Handshaking is customary both for men and woman on introduction and greeting, and smiling is a national characteristic. The use of the left hand to give or receive is taboo, also crooking your finger to call someone is considered impolite. Pork is forbidden for the Moslem population and beef for the Balinese Hindus but they are available at many restaurant and markets.



Customs allow on entry a maximum of two litres of alcoholic beverage, 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 100 grammers of tobaccos and a reasonable amount of perfume per adult. Cars, photographic equipment, typewriters, are admitted provided they are taken out on departure. They must be declared to customs. Radio/radio cassette recorders, TV sets, pornographic material and publications, and narcotics are not allowed. There is no restriction on import or export of Indonesian currency exceeding Rp. 50.000 is prohibited.





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