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This object tourism possesses its own uniquie and is searce because :

  • This river is about 70 meters long.
  • At any weather (climate) the water remains cold.
  • This river is attached with Tamborasi beach.

We can reach this place lay a four - whell drive and the fare is Rp. 3000 it will take us for about 120 minutes.

It is a faved road, and the distance from Kolaka city is about 85 Km.  This object tourism is located in Ladakai village, in the Regency of Wolo and Kolaka.


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Malaha island is beach for betting with a condition which is calm and sandy.

This object became an object recreation for Kolaka society. In order to reach this object recreation we can use a four-wheel vehicle it will take one for 45 minutes. The distance from Kolaka city is about 25 Km.

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